Chapter 9: Harry desperately wanted to kiss her.

When class ended, Elle and Shannon traded numbers and Shannon hurried off to her next class, which was across the campus. Elle lingered behind a little since her next class was in the same building and she had time. As soon as she’d finished packing up Elle looked up to find Harry standing before her looking particularly handsome in a light blue collared shirt and some casual khaki pants.

"Hello!" He said with a warm, inviting smile.


"I had a wonderful time last night."

"Me too. I hope you didn’t get in trouble for being out so late."

"It all turned out all right. Besides, it was worth it." Harry said sincerely, Elle smiled and blushed, ‘he is SO sweet.’ "May I walk you to your next class?"

"Sure!" She said engagingly. They walked closely down the halls, chatting about the night before and laughing at the dumb jokes each other made.

"This is it." Elle said, motioning to the big wooden door on the right and looking at her schedule map. They turned and looked at each other, not really knowing what came next. Harry desperately wanted to kiss her on the cheek as he had the previous night, but he wasn’t supposed to kiss in public; another price on the endless list that came with the crown. Elle looked up at him expectantly.

"Well, good-bye." Harry said clumsily.

"See ya’…" Elle said, her disappointment evident. "Oh! Before I forget, I still have your jacket!"

"Oh, that’s right!" Harry said, glad for an excuse to talk more.

"You can pick it up today, if you want."


"Do you remember where I live?"

"Yes, but um… do you… want to do something?" Harry asked hesitantly, "Perhaps, also with your two friends? I could bring Conner and Knox along." He added quickly.

"Sure!" Elle said excitedly.

"Great! It’ll be classy, but casual all right? I’ll see you around six then?"


"Have a good rest of the day!"

"You too, Harry! Bye!" Elle said with a wave and she disappeared into the room. Harry hurried to his next class in a blissful daze, he couldn’t wait for tonight.

As soon as Harry was out of sight, Victoria appeared from her hiding place in a nearby doorway, her blood broiling with jealousy and anger. ‘This is the final straw,’ she thought, ‘you asked for it, love, this is war.’

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