Chapter 10: I immediately thought of you; it’s beautiful and delicate.

Grace and Annabelle were sitting on the couch chatting with music blaring when Elle burst through the door. They both jumped clear out of their seats.

"Hey! Guess what!"

"What!?" Annabelle said loudly, clutching her hand to her chest, eyes wide with surprise.

"The jacket! Where’s the jacket!?"

"I don’t know. I think you brought it into your room last night, why?" Grace asked curiously.

"Because! Harry will be here really soon to pick it and US up!"

"What!?" Grace said looking down at her gray sweatshirt and pajama pants with dismay.

"Yeah! He’s bringing Conner and Knox along and we’re all going to go do something!"

"Really?! That’s awesome!" Annabelle said excitedly.

"Yeah, but he’ll be here at six!"

"Crap! We have to get ready!" Annabelle said, reaching for her mussed hair self-consciously.

"I know, we have to get ready!" Elle said as she rushed into her room, shedding her backpack on the way. The girls rushed around the dorm, trying on outfits, doing makeup, and asking each other’s opinion. "He said classy, but casual." Elle recalled. It seemed like six came within a matter of minutes and the girls heard a knock at the door. They hurriedly checked each other’s appearance and nodded in approval and Elle went to the door. She opened it to find Harry sandwiched between Conner and Knox, each holding a different flower for their own lady and smiling sweetly. The girls beamed at the hottie buffet before them, each went to their date for the evening and greeted him. Elle took in Harry’s appearance; he looked utterly dashing in a dark, hunter green button down cotton shirt that stretched lovingly over his broad chest, and jeans that seemed to extend forever down his long build. His hair was adorably tousled, but neat at the same time; just the way she liked it. But it didn’t matter what he wore, Harry always looked excellent to her.

"Hi." Harry said looking down at her warmly.

"Hi!" Elle said jubilantly, there was a brief pause and her gaze flicked to the flower he held.

"Oh! This is for you!" Harry said shoving it forward, his face starting to match his hair color.

"Thank you." Elle said softly, taking the flower delicately form his hand. It was a gorgeous red rose, the shade of blood; she touched the silky petals ever so gently. "Roses are my favorite."

"I’m so glad. I-I know it’s not very original, but when I saw it at the florist, I immediately thought of you; it’s beautiful, and delicate." Harry said softly. Elle smiled brightly up at him. For what seemed like hours, he stared into those beautiful eyes of hers, the resembled exquisite blue oceans anyone could get lost in. They were gentle eyes.

"Hey! Are we gonna go, or are we gonna sit here and watch you two undress each other with your eyes all night?" Conner asked jokingly, breaking the deep trance they had just been in. Everyone laughed and Harry and Elle turned red.

"Sorry, let’s be off then." Harry said, still a little flustered; she had that effect on him.

"Where are we going?" Elle asked.

"Oh, just a lovely little restaurant. So you three can have a taste of REAL British cuisine."

"Good, ‘cause if I have to eat one more meal from Mickey D’s, I’m gonna hurl." Grace joked. The three girls and Conner chuckled, but Knox and Harry just stood there looking confused.

"What? Bad joke?" Grace said awkwardly.

"Allow me," Conner said, stepping towards the two Brits, "Mickey D’s equals Mc Donald’s." He said very slowly.

"Oh!" Said Harry and Knox in unison and laughed weakly. Conner just rolled his eyes.

"Forgive my slow, helplessly British, friends." He joked and they all laughed. Annabelle went and got a tall glass for their flowers, and filled it with water. The girls each placed her flower in the makeshift vase. Grace’s beautiful sunflower the hues of a sunset in deep pinks, yellows, and oranges, very American, Annabelle’s elegant Calla Lily, its perfect bell shaped petal the color of dove feathers, and Elle’s rose.

"Well THAT’S a strange bouquet if I’ve ever seen one." Knox remarked, studying the flowers.

"I think it’s perfect." Elle said in admiration.

The girls got their things and they all headed to the car. Elle sat in front with Harry and Conner, Grace, Annabelle, and Knox squeezed in back.

"My father will be furious if he finds out tha-," Harry stopped abruptly.

"Finds out what?" Elle inquired.

"Uh, that I drove with six people in the car."

"So don’t tell him, how would he ever find out?" She didn’t see it, but Knox and Conner exchanged glances behind her, THEY knew how. Soon, they pulled up to the classy restaurant and went in with no delays. Elle wondered how Harry had managed to get reservations on such short notice. The place was, for the most part, deserted, except for a few people at the bar, which was to be expected on a weeknight; but the emptiness only enhanced the romance of the evening. The restaurant was faintly lit, with pearly sconces on the walls casting a soft glow that barely stretched six feet. Everywhere you looked, there was rich oak wood, from the tables to the high-backed gilded chairs. The plush, midnight blue carpet yielded beneath the group’s feet as they were escorted to their large booth in the elegant dining room, which was also empty. Everyone made comfortable chit chat throughout dinner, with many jokes and quirks from Elle, Grace, and Conner, stories told by the girls dating back to elementary school, and from the boys stories of time spent together at Eton. Hours passed in what seemed like no time at all, Elle watched Harry adoringly as he told a tale of the boys’ school shenanigans. She noticed that Grace and Annabelle were completely charmed by their suave companions and was delighted.

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