Chapter 7: She could feel it in the every bone in her body

Early the next morning, Elle woke up before her alarm-despite how brief her rest was-well rested and on cloud nine. She was really excited about her classes, but she was also hoping to catch a glimpse of Harry on campus. Just once was all she needed. Elle yawned and stretched largely as she sauntered out of her room, expecting to find Annabelle and Grace conked out on the couch. Instead she found them bustling about the kitchen, chatting quietly.

"What is this!?" She inquired. Grace froze in her tracks and whirled around.

"Elle! What are you doing up?!"

"I always wake up before my alarm on first days of school."

"Well you could’ve told us…" Grace said, throwing an oven mitt at her. Elle dodged it and laughed.

"Dude! How was I supposed to know?!"

"You ruined our surprise!" Annabelle said, as she finished pouring some orange juice.

"What surprise?" Elle asked. Grace raised her eyebrows and dramatically spread her arms, referring to the messy kitchen around them.

"Duh! We’re cooking you your first day of school breakfast! I was gonna be all wholesome and sweet!’

"Aww, you guys are so cute!" She said with a blissful smile.

"Yeah! And you screwed it all up!" Annabelle exclaimed sarcastically.

"Okay, tell you what. I’ll go get ready while you finish. And when I come back, I’ll pretend to be surprised. Okay?"

"I guess…but it’s just not the same!" Grace said with sarcasm. Elle laughed and walked to the bathroom to shower. ‘I love having them as my friends,’ she thought. Soon her thoughts drifted back to Harry, he was so amazing. The very thought of his handsome face brought a sweet smile to her lips and she let out a happy sigh. He was nothing like the guys Elle knew back home, the ones who brought her nothing but heartache. She shut her eyes to block out the memories, that was half the reason she’d come here; to leave the past in the past, and charge towards the future, maybe possibly a future with Harry? That thought alone made her heart skip a beat, as she daydreamed about them being together. "He’s definitely special." She said to herself with a warm smile. Elle had just met him last night, but she knew Harry was different. She could feel it in the every bone in her body, and her body hadn’t lied to her yet. He lit up the room when he walked in and she’d picked up on that right away. Elle finished getting ready and walked back into the kitchen, finding Grace and Annabelle standing over breakfast with huge smiles on their faces. She pretended to look shocked.

"Oh my god! What a surprise!"

"Shut up and eat." Grace said flatly but jokingly.

"You look cute doll!" Annabelle said sincerely.

"Thanks Annabelle!" She replied brightly. Elle joined them at the small wooden table and started to dig into the Belgium waffles. "Mmmmm," she muttered with a delighted look on her face, "You guys are awesome!"

"We know!" Annabelle joked as she took a sip of her orange juice. ‘So! Are you excited?!"

"Are you kidding?" Elle said with a mouth full of waffle, she swallowed and continued. "The professors here are the best. I am SO ready to learn!"

"You are such a nerd!" Grace laughed, poking fun at Elle’s love for school. She always gave Elle a hard time about how much she read studied and how well she did in school; even though Grace, herself, did well also. Elle laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Don’t tell me the professors are the ONLY reason you’re excited!" Annabelle said.

"Well…" Elle mumbled, "I might be tiny bit excited to see Harry." She said making a little space between her thumb and forefinger.

"Yeah THAT’S the understatement of the century!" Annabelle said. Elle giggled.

"He’s studying a lot of the same subjects as me, I’m hoping I have at least one class with him."

"You probably will. It’s fate!" Grace said dramatically and took another bite of her waffle.

"With my luck I won’t have any and I’ll never see him again." Elle said sadly, swirling the syrup on her plate with her fork. Grace smacked her on the arm. "Dude!"

"Stop it right now! You need to think POSITIVELY!" Grace scolded.

"I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m sure everything will be fine." Elle said with a shy smile.

"That’s better!" Annabelle said cheerily. Just then, Elle realized Annabelle had orange juice all over the front of her shirt. She started laughing uncontrollably with Grace. She then glanced at the clock on the wall through the tears in her eyes.

"Oh, I have to go! Mustn’t be late!" She said trying not to laugh.

"You’re always late!" Grace exclaimed.

"Hah, I know, but there’s a first time for everything, right?" Elle said as she grabbed her book bag. "Thanks so much guys! I’ll do the dishes when I get back, okay?"

"Okay!" Annabelle said cheerfully. "Good luck!"

"Thanks! And Grace? Try and help Annabelle with her little ‘problem’." Elle laughed as she went out the door. Grace sat there and continued to snicker while Annabelle stared at her blankly.


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